Application Support

A high-quality seed treatment helps ensure the desired in-field performance while delivering value to growers. And we know that our customers need to deliver superior seeds to their growers on time and with minimal disruption to their treating operation. You can count on the expertise of our Seedcare specialists to help guide the application process and overcome any in-season challenges you may face.

Quality Assessment
& Engineering

Customized recipes and application technology with long-term sustainability, designed to fulfill local needs.


Proven solutions crafted with thorough testing and expert support.


Multi-level, customized applicator training sessions for applicators from offered by our Seedcare Institute.

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Quality Assessment
& Engineering

Syngenta Seedcare is here to help you assess and manage application quality, select the best application technology, and evaluate recipes for seed safety. Our formulations and recipes are fully tested over a wide range of application and handling conditions to meet your needs.

What We Do

  • Seed loading analysis
  • Seed-to-seed product distribution
  • Plantability and seed flowability testing
  • Process support
  • Engineering support
  • In-season hotline support

How You Benefit

  • Technical efficacy with proven product performance
  • Uniform plant stand, and best possible season-long protection for individual seeds and young plants
  • Optimal performance for growers in a trouble-free planting season
  • Smooth application process with efficient bagging capacity, saving time and cost
  • Live data captured during the treatment process, increasing operational efficiency
  • Accurate and safe procedures ensured by using technology that meets the requirements of the specific treatment solution
  • Minimal in-season disruption related to minor operation adjustments
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Recipe Development

Our recipe development experts study the compatibility of products when used in combination. They evaluate stability and shelf life of products to improve differentiated additives to be applied with those combinations. Formulas are customized to meet local crop needs, seed types and any specific requirements you have.

Syngenta is a global leader in formulation science. And because strong formulations set the foundation of a successful recipe, we guarantee optimal performance of our base recipes across the market.

What We Do

  • Develop and innovate through online recipe platforms
  • Customize recipes by adapting to local customer needs each season
  • Drive development of additive technologies with our partners
  • Provide a streamlined process for new product development and introduction
  • Develop data on the long-term stability of complex mixtures, including chemicals, biologicals, additives and others
  • Offer on-site recipe scale-up and roll-out

How You Benefit

  • Recipe additives tailored to your unique needs
  • Access to the most advanced technologies for optimal recipe performance
  • 24/7 access to our recipe tools with in-season live updates
  • Performance testing across all areas of the process
  • Assurance of long-term product integrity
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Soybean Calculator

Calculate your soybean recipe to ease this season’s application process.

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Corn Calculator

Create custom corn recipes to meet the application needs of your customers.

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Cereals Calculator

Select various combinations of tank-mix products for a tailored treatment approach.

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Rice Calculator

Choose from a number of additives to maximize yield potential each season.

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Training Opportunities

We’re pleased to provide a diverse range of training opportunities customized to fit your specific application needs.

  • Application training opportunities
  • Pre-season applicator training
  • Advanced or multi-level training
  • Seedcare universities and academies
  • Customized on- or off-site training
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Seedcare Specialist Finder

Syngenta Seedcare specialists are positioned throughout the country to bring the Seedcare Institute experience closer to you to help with any in-season application challenges you may face.

Find Your Seedcare Specialist
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