Syngenta Receives EPA Registration for Vibrance Cinco Fungicide Seed Treatment for Corn

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Vibrance Cinco fungicides seed treatment is the latest addition to the robust portfolio of corn seed treatments from Syngenta.

Syngenta Newsroom  | 7.25.2018 | Announcements, Product Updates

  • Combines 5 powerful fungicides for protection against seedborne and soilborne diseases
  • In trials, demonstrates yield increases of 2 bushels per acre
  • Leads to maximum root development, emergence and stand establishment

Vibrance® Cinco fungicide seed treatment from Syngenta has received registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use on corn to guard against the most damaging seedborne and soilborne diseases, including Pythium Rhizoctonia and Fusarium.

“Vibrance Cinco contains 5 powerful fungicidal active ingredients and 5 modes of action in a single jug, providing the most consistent and comprehensive seed-applied disease protection on the market today,” said Dale Ireland, Ph.D., Seedcare technical product lead, Syngenta. “This leads to increased consistency of performance and ultimately a higher potential yield.”

Independent trials show Vibrance Cinco consistently out yields commercial standards by 2 bushels per acre (bu/A), which increases to 6.7 bu/A under heavy disease pressure.

“This bolt-on yield enhancement is a result of the product’s powerful disease protection, which leads to maximum root development, emergence, stand establishment and above-ground plant development,” Ireland said. “If you’re interested in maximizing your hybrid’s potential with Vibrance Cinco, let your seed dealer know, since seed companies are ultimately the ones that decide which seed treatments to apply to their corn seed.”

Vibrance Cinco is the latest addition to the robust portfolio of seed treatments from Syngenta.

“This product further proves our commitment to delivering the best, long-term, sustainable solutions, and we’re not stopping here,” Ireland said. “You’ll see other products coming down our innovation pipeline in the near future.”

For more information about Vibrance Cinco, visit the Vibrance Cinco product page.

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