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Syngenta is proud to offer a broad range of effective products you can count on through our constantly growing advancement pipeline. We keep innovation at our core to produce quality products you can trust.

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Find the Right Products For Your Operation

A healthy start sets the foundation for strong performance as plants grow. Seed treatments provide protection during the critical germination and stand establishment stages when seeds and emerging seedlings have difficulties protecting themselves against pathogens and pests.

Serving as the first line of defense, seed treatments can improve seed germination, seedling emergence, stand establishment and plant vigor. As a result of this early-season performance, plants treated with seed treatments have an edge over untreated plants when it comes to realizing yield, quality and profit potential.


Proprietary R&D pipeline featuring best-in-class products.


High-quality, easy-to-use premixes containing multiple active ingredients.


Training and tools necessary for achieving the highest quality treated seeds.

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Our robust seed treatment portfolio offers a broad range of products to help manage the unique needs of each operation. Our portfolio gives you options from which to craft customized recipes to protect seeds from a variety of pests. These products form integrated solutions that offer early-season disease control, insect management and nematode protection.

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Thorough formulation and technology research ensures our products are designed to perform under a wide range of environmental and application conditions.

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Training Opportunities

Syngenta offers a diverse range of training to provide essential information about the different products available.

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  • Basic and advanced training courses
  • Syngenta Seedcare universities and academies
  • Customized training on- or off-site
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Seedcare Specialist Finder

Syngenta Seedcare specialists are positioned throughout the country to provide expertise to optimize your application experience or to help with any in-season application challenges you may face.

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Learn More About Saltro Seed Treatment

SDS Protection Upgraded

Syngenta has made Saltro®, the industry’s leading Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) seed treatment solution.

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