The Seedcare Institute

The Seedcare Institute provides expertise and learning opportunities about our seed treatment application and product technology. We strive to share our knowledge to help you address your specific challenges, and we greatly value the insights that are gained through the process.

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Our Services To You

The seed business is a time-sensitive operation, allowing little time between harvest, processing and treatment. We strive to anticipate your needs and ensure our supply chain is set up for efficient in-season response. We are there to help during planning and allow you flexibility during the procurement process. We use our agronomic know-how to provide co-marketing support of the brands you trust to deliver value to your growers.

The Seedcare

Cutting-edge application technologies and a hands-on experience.

Seed Safety
& Biology

Global standards for seed testing.

Marketing Support

Inventing new ways to demonstrate the value of our Syngenta Seedcare products.


Innovations in training for handling treated seed.

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The Seedcare

The Seedcare Institute offers support to help you demonstrate the benefits and values of our seed treatment products. Our experts are available to share their knowledge to help you address your specific challenges. We provide hands-on application training and customizable tools to help you obtain the highest quality treated seeds. We have advanced testing laboratories to simulate challenges you face, and develop the most feasible solutions to meet your business needs.

A visit to the Seedcare Institute provides a unique training experience and the opportunity to see our latest application technology in action.

Behind the Scenes
At the Seedcare Institute

For more than 35 years, Syngenta Seedcare has led the way in seed treatment innovation. The Seedcare Institute is a global network of experts delivering unsurpassed customer service for seed treatment application in 6 key categories.

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SCI Team
Meet Our Team

Our team at the Seedcare Institute strives for excellence in delivering new tools to help you maximize the potential of your business. Every highly skilled member of our team contributes to our goal of facilitating collaboration between our technologies and our customers. Come meet us and explore our laboratories and facilities.

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Service and Innovation are at Our Core

Syngenta is committed to providing training opportunities and education through our Seedcare Institute.

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Seed Safety & Biology

Because we know a seed treatment should never impact the inherent quality of the seed, we conduct in-depth investigations into the biological interactions of our product combinations. Localized seed safety programs evaluate the potential impact of these recipes. We do this through partner laboratories that deliver full and neutral data and assessments.

As part of our assurance to you, our seed testing protocols are aligned with all major, officially recognized global seed testing organizations, including the America Seed Treatment Association (ASTA) and the Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA).

What We Do

  • Instruct on use recommendations for all Syngenta Seedcare products
  • Conduct carry-over testing for all product combinations
  • Customize seed safety programs
  • Train you in seed safety methods
  • Provide support for any questions that you have

How You Benefit

  • Peace of mind when using new solutions
  • Assurance that seed treatment quality doesn’t erode over long periods of storage
  • Support during all stages of the seed processing chain
  • Performance testing across all areas of the process
  • Science-based solutions for all obstacles
SCI Saftey Team
SCI Treating Seeds

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Marketing Support

Developing an optimized formulation is only half the battle. Proving the formulation’s value under a variety of conditions and building confidence in the seed treatment's performance is equally important.

We've developed a number of tangible and highly visual tools that help communicate product benefits in an interesting, powerful way. Whether it's revealing and quantifying growth below ground, simulating emergence under different soil temperatures or demonstrating disease control in petri dishes, we have a large menu of highly effective demonstrations to help bring seed treatment performance to life.

What We Do

  • Showcase product performance via numerous platforms, including root-scanning technology, thermogradient tables, augmented reality, time-lapse videos, 3D and 360° visualization, and more
  • Support co-marketing materials and events
  • Tailor specific testing projects to your needs
  • Provide in-field technical support

How You Benefit

  • Access to visualization tools to help explain the technology to your customers
  • Customized and up-to-date product information for promotional materials
  • Localized in-field performance data
Bringing Lab Testing to Life

Rhizotrons display full visibility of the crop, from root to leaf tip. See how seed treatment solutions affect plants both above- and below ground.

See it working
Thermogradient Tables

Soil temperature strongly impacts seed treatment performance. Thermogradient tables show direct temperature comparisons of different seed treatment combinations. Soilborne pathogens are also incorporated into these studies, so you can see the value of seed treatments in early-season disease management.

Product and marketing Petri dishes
Petri Dishes

Once planted, it’s difficult to see how your treatment is protecting the seed. Petri dishes offer an up-close view of the protection our Syngenta Seedcare products provide.

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In addition to focusing on advancements in our product technology, we are also committed to improving and educating on the conditions under which you use them. These training innovations aim to help you understand best practices in product handling, safety and application techniques for yourself and for the protection of the environment. We have established these programs to adapt to your local needs.

What We Do

  • Assess sites for health, safety, environment, efficiency and more
  • Support implementation of product-specific certification and stewardship programs
  • Assist in waste management best practices and proper disposal of empty pesticide containers, dust from treated seed, etc.
  • Support site certification standardization
  • Collaborate on programs to support beneficial insects, such as Operation Pollinator®
  • Cooperate with industry-wide programs that reinforce the safe use of seed treatment products at all levels of the seed supply chain, such as ASTA

How You Benefit

  • Guidance regarding safe working conditions for your employees and operational efficiency
  • Continuous use of seed treatment technologies in compliance with label requirements
  • Ease of product use for peace of mind
  • Practical and smooth implementation of new regulatory requirements for your operation
Container Returns
Container Return

Syngenta is pleased to offer the convenience of a container return program. All containers should be disposed of in accordance with state and local requirements.

Empty Container Return Form
Bag Tags
Bag Tags

Bag tags contain important information about the product, including regulatory information, treatment details, use restrictions and more.

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Avicta Logo
Avicta Site Certification

Avicta Complete Corn is for use by certified applicators only. We provide the certification training you need.

More Information
Site Certification
Site Assessment

We provide individualized on-site assessments to evaluate the seed treating environment based on health, safety, hygiene, efficiency and more. Contact your Seedcare specialist for additional details.

Seedcare Specialist Finder

Syngenta Seedcare specialists are positioned throughout the country to provide expertise to optimize your application experience or to help with any in-season application challenges you may face.

Find Your Seedcare Specialist
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